Our Services

When it's time to fill up your tank, choose the way that works best for your schedule and budget:
• Fuel options geared to your needs.
• Self-Service*
Fuel Service Option
Save yourself time and hassle by provide you the excellent service in a full tank of gas and bring the car back empty. No need to search for a gas station before returning the car. Our rates for this service are comparable to the current local retail pump price.
If you select this option, you will need to return the vehicle to the company, because a service fee for refueling will be charged depending on the vehicle rented.
If the Fuel Service Option isn't exactly what you're looking for, choose one of these other popular refueling options at the time of rental.
Not sure how far you'll be driving, but plan to stop for gas? Don't accept the fuel service option. Simply purchase your own fuel just before you return the car to Regal with a full tank of gas. Provide a receipt for your fuel purchase, and you'll avoid any refueling service charge. How easy is that?
Regal offers you an excellent service, you receive a clean car in every sense of the word, we are also happy to deliver you a clean car, but not just an extra soap The services include interior cleaning with Sanitizer, interior vacuuming, exterior cleaning and tire washing.
Regal saves you time and effort by providing excellent service that can allow you to return an uncleaned vehicle. There is no need to search for a car wash service center; you just need to return the car to the company, and the car wash service fee will be charged according to the type of car that you rent; economy or luxury cars.